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12th Bipartite Settlement Expected Salary Quora: The joint forum of the union has been informed by IBA about the 12th Bipartite Wage Settlement on 9 November 2023. According to this agreement, an increase of up to 15% in the pay slip cost of employees will be discussed. According to 12 bilateral agreements, it was decided to revise the salaries of bank employees from November 1, 2022, but it has not been implemented yet. Due to this there has been anger among the bank employees. He wants this agreement to be implemented as soon as possible

12th Bipartite Wage Settlement

12th Bipartite Wage Settlement Latest News

Several meetings have been held regarding this agreement but no decision has been reached. A meeting was also held with the Indian Banks Association on 31st August 2023, after which this agreement will be discussed in this meeting also on 9th November 2023. In today’s meeting of this agreement, all the employees are expecting that some important information is going to come in this agreement on the 5th day of banking and the tentative date of implementation of the 12th bilateral agreement.

12th Bipartite Wage Settlement Expected Salary Calculator

12th Bipartite Wage Settlement clerk
12th Bipartite Wage Settlement officer

12th Bipartite Wage Settlement FAQs

What is the salary increase in the 12th bipartite settlement?

The salary increase will be known only after the implementation of the 12 Bipartite agreement.

What is the salary of a Clerk in bank?

The Expected Salary is given above Image

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